Eat Fat And Lose Weight

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Can I lose weight while eating fat? Can I eat fat and lose weight? The answer is yes. However, there is a “but”: it depends on the type of fat we are talking about. Continue reading, I will expand on this below 😉

Whether we talk about the maintenance of optimal health or we refer to the particular case of weight loss, the truth is that fat has been very demonized. Nonetheless, the recommendation that the daily intake of fat should not exceed 30-35% is being increasingly questioned (Bazzano et al., 2014). In fact, astrophysicist and author of the “Perfect Health Diet”, Paul… Read the rest ->

Let’s Talk About Weight

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Perhaps, when you enter Happy Coaching’s site devoted to bodily image and read its title (lose weight without diets) one thought comes to your mind: but why am I supposed to lose weight? Or, what makes them think that I would like to weigh less? Is it that I don’t look good enough with my current weight? Of course you do! The most important thing is that you feel good, regardless of whatever current beauty canons or your family and friends say. The essential thing is that you are happy as you are; no matter the size that you use or the pounds you weigh, you feel that you are living your… Read the rest ->