Is Organic Meat Better?

Leer en Español In Another Session With One Coachee…

I was talking with one of my coachees about the main difficulties he was experiencing in his process; he told me that it was difficult for him trying to go without what he considers one of his soft spots: hamburgers. Then he asked: “is organic meat better?

Before going deep with the topic, I reminded him -and I remind you too- that it is not about disregarding anything because it would be then another diet and that’s not the way of getting definitive results.

Once clarified this, I told him that, in my view, organic meet is better.… Read the rest ->

The Danger of Refined Foods

Leer en Español In A Session With One Coachee…

Yesterday, I had a first coaching session with one of my coachees and we talked about a crucial topic: the danger of refined foods. He told me that one of his main fears was that this time everything went as bad as it went in the past. I asked him what he did in those occasions when he felt that the program was so tough that he wanted to quit and he answered that he would go to the supermarket, buy the things he liked most and then he would eat them (especially, junk food). At this point I told him about the potential risks that it has for health to subject his body… Read the rest ->