Is Organic Meat Better?

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I was talking with one of my coachees about the main difficulties he was experiencing in his process; he told me that it was difficult for him trying to go without what he considers one of his soft spots: hamburgers. Then he asked: “is organic meat better?

Before going deep with the topic, I reminded him -and I remind you too- that it is not about disregarding anything because it would be then another diet and that’s not the way of getting definitive results.

Once clarified this, I told him that, in my view, organic meet is better.… Read the rest ->

The Danger of Refined Foods

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Yesterday, I had a first coaching session with one of my coachees and we talked about a crucial topic: the danger of refined foods. He told me that one of his main fears was that this time everything went as bad as it went in the past. I asked him what he did in those occasions when he felt that the program was so tough that he wanted to quit and he answered that he would go to the supermarket, buy the things he liked most and then he would eat them (especially, junk food). At this point I told him about the potential risks that it has for health to subject his body… Read the rest ->

Eat Fat And Lose Weight

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Can I lose weight while eating fat? Can I eat fat and lose weight? The answer is yes. However, there is a “but”: it depends on the type of fat we are talking about. Continue reading, I will expand on this below 😉

Whether we talk about the maintenance of optimal health or we refer to the particular case of weight loss, the truth is that fat has been very demonized. Nonetheless, the recommendation that the daily intake of fat should not exceed 30-35% is being increasingly questioned (Bazzano et al., 2014). In fact, astrophysicist and author of the “Perfect Health Diet”, Paul… Read the rest ->

Let’s Talk About Weight

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Perhaps, when you enter Happy Coaching’s site devoted to bodily image and read its title (lose weight without diets) one thought comes to your mind: but why am I supposed to lose weight? Or, what makes them think that I would like to weigh less? Is it that I don’t look good enough with my current weight? Of course you do! The most important thing is that you feel good, regardless of whatever current beauty canons or your family and friends say. The essential thing is that you are happy as you are; no matter the size that you use or the pounds you weigh, you feel that you are living your… Read the rest ->

Are You Dieting? Never Again!

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I have told these words before, in other posts: I will be dieting never again. But let me tell you the particular anecdote of this week behind this phrase.

A few days ago, my husband and I went out for a walk and when we were going back home, we saw a restaurant and decided to have lunch there. I ordered grilled chicken and a side salad. The chicken came with fries and two sauces. I kindly asked for one grilled potato instead of the fries and I also said that I didn’t want the sauce. When the waiter approached our table with the food that we had ordered, he looked at me and asked: “no sauce? what happens?… Read the rest ->

Juicing For Losing Weight

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Have you gained some extra pounds during Christmas time? Have so many gatherings and feasts taken their toll on? Do not panic, I’ll tell you what you can do to go back to normal 🙂 My favourite one is using juicing for losing weight. Making a juice fast or drinking a pair of fresh vegetable juices a day can help you to lose those extra pounds very easily and quickly. Furthermore, juicing is fantastic not only for losing weight but also for improving your health. I will highlight here one of my favourite sentences about juicing:

raw juicing can save your life (Cabot, 2001, p. 8).

It was stated… Read the rest ->

Afraid Of Christmas Time? Eat And Do Not Gain Weight

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Yes, as you are reading, eat and do not gain weight. There was a time when it was an authentic ordeal for me; gathering around a table full of “prohibited” foods and watching all my relatives eating what they wanted and staying as slim as I dreamed to be one day… But, listen, during my research to lose weight without diets, I learned several things to delight in food and still stay healthy and slim. Yes, eating but not gaining weight has turned out to be something real for me. But maybe, you are like me and you think that, during this period of lights, gatherings and Christmas… Read the rest ->

Can I Lose Weight Without Dieting? – Yes, You Can!

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I know, I know… You are still sceptical that you can lose weight without dieting or eliminating certain kinds of food from your diet. And I understand you; I was sceptical too. But – you may be wondering-, if it is really possible to shed all the extra pounds without being on a rigid and boring diet, how can I do it?, How can I lose weight without dieting? Let me share with you various facts that demystify some of the most widespread information about losing weight, diets, nutrition and forbidden foods.

Forget Counting Calories Once And For All

There was a time in my life in … Read the rest ->