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In the particular case of problems with weight control and body image distortion, I have a wide array of tools, knowledge and expertise derived from my own personal experience. More than half of my life, until four years ago, I was struggling with such problems. I tried numerous things, from traditional therapy to diets (some very “wild” diets) and products and pills for losing weight. Nothing worked because when I managed to lose weight, the weight came back in a few months and, of course, I did not only gain all that I lost but, for greater frustration, some more kilos came as a gift. So you can imagine that I went well above a healthy weight for my height and age. Despite many years of fighting against the kilos, I was not able to not get rid of the problem once and for all. After such a long time, I thought I knew enough so that there was coming the day when, finally, I could forget about my weight problems and start living freely, without spending my days thinking about how much exercise I had to do or how much food I had to restrict to prevent me gaining weight. The issue was that no matter how much information I had on my head, since much of the information is often wrong as they are put into circulation in pursuit of other interests that have nothing to do with public health. Neither mattered how many hours I was exercising or how much I was punishing myself without eating this or that. Although I was conscious of it, I was never tackling the root of the problem; I just thought I was doing what I had to do.

But I succeeded, I came to the root of the problem and managed to go out of hell. These words (hell, punishment, etc.) will normally sound exaggerated to those who have not gone through this; but if you find yourself in a similar situation, you understand it perfectly and you may even feel identified.

I defend the right of every human being to choose how to live their lives; if you are a person with a few extra kilos, or even if you are very overweight and you are happy as you are, I can only give you my congratulations. This web is a site dedicated to make that people be happy, because nothing is more important to me than you walk through life by having found your particular way of being happy. But if, on the contrary, it happens to you as it happened to me and you feel that are unable to live fully and happily with your extra kilos, I can help. Are you ready to try something different? Contact me!

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