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Individual coaching processes

They consist of several sessions and are aimed at those who want to achieve their goals through the coaching methodology.

As your coach, I will provide to you a series of powerful tools from which I myself benefited in the past to achieve balance. The first step involves a detailed exploration of your current situation to identify your specific needs. This enables the design of an action plan completely tailored to you. During the remaining stages of the process, I will follow and guide you in order to:

  • measure your results
  • prevent and overcome obstacles
  • redefine strategies (if applicable)
  • identify your skills and abilities
  • explore your limiting beliefs and thoughts
  • achieve your self-discovery: your values, your preferences, your motivations and ultimately, anything that makes you unique

In my processes, I work from a position of humility and compassion, honouring the wisdom and the unique nature of the coachee (you!). The coaching formula and I myself work with the premise and belief that we all have within us everything we need to achieve any goal. But our way of seeing and understanding the world may be acting as the worst of our enemies, restricting our talents and creativity, thereby preventing the realization of our dreams. You deserve the life that you dream and it is high time to make it a reality.

Service Packages

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