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EFT or Tapping

“The tapping goes to the root of what happens, balances the mind and body and change what we do, how we feel and how we experience the world. The key is to learn to use it in the essential areas of your life, those that most likely affect you the most. And then, it can be applied to anything”.

Nick Ortner, founder of The Tapping Solution

eftEFT or Tapping

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. This tool is also known as “tapping”, a word derived from English that means giving gentle tapping with your fingers. Indeed, during a session of EFT or tapping, what is done it is to gently tap with the fingers on certain acupuncture points while the patient concentrates on the matter that s/he wants to treat and on the emotions that it produces.

In certain acupuncture points?

Yes, because this technique is a combination of Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Some 5,000 years ago, Chinese doctors developed a map of the electrical system of the human body, in which they traced 14 paths or meridians of energy. They also documented that when certain points of these paths were stimulated, an energetic release was produced, restoring physical, emotional and mental imbalances, and improving health. Similarly, with tapping, key points on the body and face are stimulated to rearrange the energy flow, to calm the nervous system and to activate regeneration and healing mechanisms of the body. Moreover, in many cases, with just one round of tapping, stress is reduced considerably. This is because the technique, if correctly applied, achieves a reduction of Beta brain waves, since high levels of these waves are associated with anxiety and stress.

Which are those points?


The points indicated in the picture correspond to the short EFT sequence. The longest sequence uses 14 points which are located at the beginning or end of each of the main meridians of the body.

First of all, it is necessary to identify what worries us; then, you begin to gently tap on each of the points while telling out loud phrases that best describe the problem. After several rounds (sometimes just one is enough) you start to feel more relaxed; this means you have already taken a big step towards solving your problem.

The tapping has a very powerful effect on a wide variety of sufferings; from depression, anxiety, trauma, phobias, and weight problems, to conflicts in personal relationships, financial difficulties and relief of physical pain. The possibilities are many. I liberated myself in just a few months of a problem that had accompanied me for over a decade. Other issues require more insistence but in any case, the results obtained with the practice of EFT are permanent.

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